Vegan means trendy when a lifestyle becomes fashionable…vegan-reasons-veganism-food

Nowadays veganism is becoming a trend, the world is becoming vegan just because it’s cool, because all the others are doing it and it is a lifestyle behaviour that is spreading everywhere, especially among young people, from one side of the other in the globe.


Yes, of course, we all understand the good cause of veganism, the protest aim and the refuse of eating other creatures, even if our body, actually, requires animal proteins and we need to eat thing that can give us them because nature has always acted like this, it’s a Darwin principle about the survival of the species. The important fact that we need to notice is the fact that the majority of them, today, declare to be vegan just because it makes them cool and trendy, it’s more about being different and rebel against the system that about love for animals. Probably they don’t really care about animals.


Anyway, apart from the different opinions about the topic, we can’t deny that veganism is a real, existent and very popular trend. For this reason, it has found its expression not just in food, as a lifestyle, but also in fashion!

Love for animals, in fact, will be translated with the use of materials that don’t come from other species. Real fur, of course, and leather. But also wool, cashmere, mohair and the other fabrics (especially in knitwear) that come from animals will be totally forbidden and ethically unfair.


The translation of vegan in fashion is eco-sustainable, and also even more. So to be trendy, you all have to be very very aware about that, especially if you declare yourself vegan, because sometimes happened to me to see you (as vegan) in the street wearing a fur vest and a leather jacket below, because you don’t respect and you don’t love animals, you just love yourself and the image that you created putting a mask on your face!


(Arbiter Elegantiae)


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