Summer has definitely arrived, everybody is going to the beach to relax, get tanned and have a bath. The innovation proposed is not just going to the beach, but also wear it! June is for sure one of the best months of the year, and it’s holiday time.beach-sand-sea-colours

Fashion is strictly related to this climate and ordinary life change that will last for the next (at least) three months. In fact, the colours are the feature that led the current trend.

A poetic view of a landscape, let’s figure out crystalline water and whitesand tone, also mixed together, you are matched with the place in which you are…


Light blue dominates, it’s the colour of the sea but also of the sky, with the shadowed white from the sand. Everything will be super light, soft, a bit bleary due to the sun that is shining on, soft also the silhouettes, but discovering flesh. It’s really hot so bikini, crop top similar to swimsuit’s bras, mini length for the dresses and the skirt. Also, kaftans and tunics will be super trendy, reminding to the dresses worn over bikinis to go at the beach.


Also, the makeup will be inspired by these two colours, smokey eyes with the combination of them. And don’t forget about the hair! Blonde, as always in the Summer because hair becomes lighter, but the real innovation will be the blue, shadow in meches or as total colour, especially for tanned skins, the result will be amazing!


And for the ones that cannot go to the beach, because they cannot go on holiday, it will remain as a dream, but they will have the possibility to wear it to have the feeling of the environment where they would like to be.

(Arbiter Elegantiae)


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