Humanism has come back several times in the history, and this year it is extracted as the main trend for the 57th edition of Biennale of Venice 2017.

This art event, one of the most important in the world, it is just started for this year and the curator Christine Macel declared that she decided to give birth to a new artistic humanism. The title of this year is “Viva Arte Viva”, a joyful celebration of art as a reflection about our humanity, a misterious question with a misterious answer. “I wanted to make them (the artists) the most important point”, said Christine, “this is my curating idea. With the artists, of the artists and for the artists. I don’t like when the curator’s vision is too evident”.



Freedom, autonomy, independency: the three keywords given to the artists as rules, to let their expression comes out at the maximum power.

emotion-venice-biennale-writingsNine pavilions that face all the most important topics that turn around the figure of the human being as a sensitive and emotional creature that does every single action only basing it on feelings and instinct. So artists as Wendelien van Oldenborgh, Rachel Maclean, Ernesto Neto and Marcos Avila Forero describe a neo, neo, neo-humanism (because humanism has been replaced so many times!) that shows the feelings of the people. It is not a casualty that humanism was born in Germany, and in this edition of Biennale, Germany is becoming the leader country, winning also a lot of prizes.


As everything, this will have, of course, a translation in fashion. Now the trend says that we have to show emotions through garments, and the most fashionable way to do it is athwart writings. Sentences in t-shirts, words on the socks, on the cap or on the bag, everything needs to be written, to be understandable by everybody, without saying nothing. You can express yourself and your feeling just choosing the right sentence on your t-shirt.

By the way this trend is not just for fashion, but also for small interior design objects, for jewellery, for tattoos and for phone cover, for example. This neo-humanism that brings the need of  telling everybody your emotion is spreading out in every field and it will go on and last for a long time.


bangle-writings-fashion-trend  (Arbiter Elegantiae)



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