MET Gala

Here we are! This week MET Gala took place in New York and all the celebrities caught all the eyes with their eccentric looks. For the 2017 edition, the main topic to celebrate is Rei Kawakubo, the historical master designer of Comme des Garçon. Inside the gala, indeed, there is a huge exhibition with all the most famous and important pieces created by the designer during his life.    kawakubo-met-exhibition-gala

Metropolitan Gala has always been famous for the extravagant dresses that guest celebrities wear, every year it is a fashion party where the protagonists are the dresses, and weirder and more exaggerated you are dressed up, better it is.

This event is one of the most important of the year in terms of fashion, and right for this reason, we cannot avoid to consider it as a relevant trend of the week.

Let’s start to see some outfit of the VIPs…

The amazing Gisele Bùndchen in Stella McCartney  and Gigi Hadid in Tommy Hilfiger were stunning, for sure the most elegant ladies, but maybe not extravagant enough. On the other side, the most exaggerated was the singer Katy Perry, dressed in a John Galliano creation for Maison Margiela, didn’t go unnoticed.


Three girls are the ones that gave the biggest guideline for the trend: Bella Hadid, in Alexander Wang, Selena Gomez, in Coach, Kendall Jenner, in LaPerla. And this last brand already explains what is the trend.


We are talking about a completely uncovered body, lingerie used as a dress, sexy and almost naked girls. Bella with his jumpsuit that was completely adherent to the body, and transparent, giving the effect of metallic chains that embrace the body, Selena Gomez, with a long version of a white transparent baby-doll (it seems more the granny’s baby-doll than her own), and Kendall, with just super provocative lingerie and a transparent dress on it.

So as every year, a trend came out from the MET: lingerie should be worn as normal clothing, preferably in black and white!

And pay attention to accessories, that are the ones that can make the difference, showing lingerie as if it wouldn’t be lingerie!

(Arbiter Elegantiae)


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