Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Donald Trump… We all feel like American!family-melanie-president-USA

The new USA president is a real cover boy! Everywhere, every time, everybody always talks about Donald Trump, he is the mainstream theme that can be linked to every single kind of topic, that manages to enter all the conversation, all the TV programmes and all the newspaper pages. Honestly, according to me, the question turns more around gossips than politics.

Elections are over since several weeks ago, but this interest in America and in its politic situation is growing every day rather than diminishing.

What can this lead to? For sure,  it is leading to a new trend!

White, red and blue, what are these? They are the colors of the USA flag, the iconic image that gives inspirations in this period all around the world.

In fashion, it means approaching these colors with some elements of the real protagonist. She’s the icon that cares more than the other about the image of the president (but she cares even more about her own image), one of the most chatted end envied woman of the world, Melania Trump. We are talking about some elements from the First Lady‘s wardrobe, composed, rigorous, elegant and classic!


So if the heels cannot be higher than 8 centimeter,  together with under-knee-skirt-rims, small bags and covered chests. Everything presented only in precise monochromatic combinations. Therefore the colors are well defined, shades are not allowed to be worn, you can just choose one of the three basic tones (blue, red, white) and then you have to create a total look with just it. Silhouettes, indeed, show the body and its shapes but they are not too adherent or provocative.


For the makeup, “fresh and natural” is not trendy anymore. Don’t be afraid to exaggerate, feel free to use it until you will appear confident!


(Arbiter Elegantiae)


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