Every year the sparkling Coachella Festival brings a breath of fresh air in Indio, California, 200 kilometers far from LA, and in the fashion world in general. A green valley full of celebrities, music, fun, and people go there to show their outfits. It’s all about the style.


This is year Coachella music and art Festival is back and it is for sure the main topic on social networks these days. For this reason, it is the mainly input that we have, the theme of the week that we cannot avoid seeing.

On the stage this year Lady Gaga, named headliner instead of Beyonce, then Radiohead, Kendrick Lamar, Lorde, Bon Iver and many others. It is the most important music festival in the USA, as well as a fashion occurrence.  It is absolutely the coolest and the most social event of the year.

We all would like to be invited there, but if we cannot, we are trying to replicate it, to be inspired by it and to wear it in our ordinary week.

The Coachella style is mainly inspired by the hippies 70’s look, mixed with a gypsy and boho-chic touch. Loose hairstyles, little makeup and many colorful accessories. For several days, all the kinds of stars, actors, actresses, singers, bloggers and top models, leave the red carpet look that we are used to admire, to wear shorts, t-shirts and shirts and adorn themselves with pendants, bracelets, fake tattoos and hats.

Then long hair dominates with a categorical natural styling, almost no makeup except for gloss on your lips. On the contrary, the hands become the sign of extreme freedom, with imaginative nail arts and fluorescent polish that certainly does not go unnoticed.


For the outfits, a mix and match of macramè, denim, suede and lace. Everything presented in a “flower-power” pattern. On the other side, accessories are literally stuck on the skin. Flash tattoos on the arms, on the face and on the hands, phalanx rings, thin chains, feathers and tassels.


 (Arbiter Elegantiae)


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