Springtime is coming right in this period of the year and what everybody is expecting is colorful trends and floral patterns everywhere and in all the window shops. Maybe, in the past… Now it is becoming different. As far as we know that mid-wheaters do not occur anymore, forget about bright colors and stereotyped features of Spring, because they cannot survive!

For this reason, the arrival of Spring 2017 will be translated in two colors, the biggest opposite ones, the tones that anyone would never link to this season.

Black and White, mixed together or used as monochromatic total look. No shadows, they are universally recognizable and impossible to confuse. Just one real black exists, just one real white. They match perfectly each others and they also match with everything else.

In terms of shapes, on the other hand, the purposes are all about geometrical patterns and architectures.

Everything has to be precise, rigid, structured, and inspirations could also come from Japanese art and silhouettes. Clean and straight lines, less curves.

The concrete expression of this trend is sometimes already visible in fashion, but we will also apply it to other fields, like in music, where perpetual electronic strong beats will make the entire sound, or like in interior design, with minimalistic items, certainly everything black and white. Stripes and checks are the must-have, creating almost a cage above the body.

If you cannot survive without colors, the only chance that you have to add shadows and bright tones and still be trendy is to wear small colorful accessories, meaning for example jewels. No bags and no shoes, because they are too important and they attract too much attention so they cannot be anything else, just black and white.






(Arbiter Elegantiae)



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