I created this website, with the purpose of catching every week a trend or a mood that could inspire the readers in terms of tastes. Tastes that can be linked to many fields, mostly in fashion, but also to lifestyle in general.

Tastes that are always developed after an external factor, something that happens and that has a reflection on the whole society, that influence, also in a minimal way, everybody, no matters who the subject is or where he/she is from.

The aim is to find these factors, that every week will be different and that will touch different sectors, from politics, to special occasions or gossips, in order to give inspirations and inputs about what, according to my own point of view, will be trendy and contemporary. Then, it will be the reader’s task the one of interpreting and translating these inspirations in his/her personal style and taste in the daily life.

My idea of Arbiterelegantiae is a mix between the passion for styling and blogging together. I’ve always loved to wear and show something new, that nobody had worn before, in order to launch new trends and to give new input to be followed by the others, after me. It’s not a matter of vanity and egocentrism, but it’s like a game for me, a challenge, to see how much I can influence people.

Trend forecasting is something not concrete at all, it’s an abstracted and conceptual science. It depends on points of view and interests, it’s something written in a way, but read in two thousand ways. It doesn’t pretend to dress up everybody with the same staff, it pretends to create a common mood and taste, a community, a subculture.

  “Arbiter” doesn’t mean giving personal judgments, but stop for a while and watch, in order to understand what’s going on and what’s updated.

(Arbiter Elegantiae)


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